Tea Time

Home page for Dr. Teatime. Most of these items are “in progress” because I’m busy aggregating and compiling all this information into one place after trying, and failing, to archive it on social media. I found that social media is useless for storing information, so here it is.

A NOTE TO VISITORS: I’m old. I’m busy. I’m a HUGE fan of written material, which isn’t surprising considering my career path. I don’t care to record and edit a lot of video tutorials. It takes energy. I can type fast and well, so most of my tutorials will be in print format. If you want to learn something useful, you’ll have to do it off a text wall. I’ll illustrate any tutorials with screenshots where necessary. It’s easier for me so this is my preferred format; however I do streams too, so you can also watch me working live, and I’m always happy to answer your questions.

My Live Stream Channel (In progress) – Currently on 3 platforms: Reddit’s “Artist Studio” channel (SFW streams), Picarto.tv (SFW/NSFW), and Plexstorm (NSFW/Adult Art Stream). My broadcast schedule is sporadic due to my life being all crazy. I’m doing lots of things all at once. I’m going to try to schedule more broadcasts though; sometimes folks like them.

Image Gallery (In progress) – Currently being aggregated from social media. I’m going to put everything here because I’m terrible about losing stuff.

My Resume (In progress) – Kinda useless because I’m retired, but I’ll paste it up here eventually. More just a list of stuff I know and projects I’ve been on.

Please feel free to browse the menu below for a list of topics that I tend to write about. Surprise, it’s all art stuff.

Adobe Illustrator (In progress) – Thought I’d stick a page in here about AI and write up a couple of tutorials. I’ve used Illustrator for over 20 years. For the artist designing any kind of promotional products or technical illustrations, this software is a must. It’s also used to letter comic books. It can be used to ink and color comics, although this is not commonly done.

Clip Studio Paint (In progress) – I’ve used it since it was Comic Studio and only in Japanese. It’s now considered the gold standard for illustration, and not just for comics. I’ve got it on my iPad and it’s my favorite digital sketching tool. Great software. I use this instead of Photoshop; I have Photoshop and I never ever use it.

Clip Studio Modeler (In progress) – Sets up 3D models to be used in Clip Studio Paint. It’s not really a “modeler” per se, it’s a setup tool.

ZBrush 2021(In progress) – If you ever wanted to get into 3D modeling, this is the software to buy. 100%.

Keyshot (In progress) – Handy for product shots, especially jewelry. I just like it because it integrates with ZBrush and I can hop into and out of it really fast.

Lightwave 3D (Old) – One of the older packages out there, ZBrush has just about replaced it. I used to do cloth dynamcs and stuff in it, but I don’t anymore. I unplugged the dongle a year ago and haven’t bothered plugging it back in. Still useful for instancing and particle emitters etc. but I could just as easily do that in Blender these days. So yeah, I know Lightwave, but I don’t recommend it now.

3DCoat – I like to use it to map my projects sometimes.

Software I want to get/learn: Substance Painter

Side projects: Watercolor Painting (In progress) – How do we keep our artistic skills sharp? By being artistic! It’s important to spend time away from the screens so we can hone our talents. Watercolor is a fun break for me. I like to fill my sketchbooks with beautiful, colorful, messy, inaccurate paintings. It’s very important to find joy in your art to help prevent burnout.

Side projects: TAI (In progress) – Yes, I write, too. Believe it or not, I’m not burned out on this one and never have been. It’s just that I’ve kept most of my TAI work under wraps for the past 10-15 years because it’s such an intense project. It’s a space opera written along the lines of Classic Battletech. It’s VERY nerdy, and not something most people would find interesting.

Personal notes – I might jot down a couple of thoughts here, although a more in depth diary/blog is located elsewhere and locked for just my friends and family to read.