Andrew Torba is a racist piece of shit.

Racist Christians, and other things that don’t surprise me

On Facebook, a friend asked the question: “Any comment from the MAGAts regarding the verdict today?”

Oh, sweet summer child.

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites are trying to scrub racist and anti-Semitic posts from their feeds. Gab, on the other hand, will let you say goddamn anything unless, I guess, it’s pornography.

Anything. I tell Torba to kill himself in direct message at LEAST once a day.

But yes, in answer to your question, dear friend, there were plenty of salty, butthurt whines from the MAGAt crowd yesterday following the Chauvin verdict. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

First off, here’s Crucible Media pushing an all-too-familiar agenda. I also included a note because I’m censoring racial slurs; maybe I’m too easily triggered, but I won’t abide the n-word on my website. Anyway, Crucible has no qualms:

Somebody's trying to whip up the masses. It's working.
It’s gotta be the Russians.

Torba was definitely one of the most prominent, vocal white supremacists yesterday. Clearly he was angry that a white guy got convicted of murdering the black guy he intentionally sat on until he suffocated (on camera, no less).

Torba, do the world a favor. Kill yourself.
It’s not just butthurt: it’s buttdevastation!

See those 1,068 comments? Guess how many of them are in disagreement.

Torba, do the world a favor. Kill yourself.
Ooo, someone’s salty that a crooked cop can’t be judge, jury, and executioner!

“RWBGBA” is sick, absolutely sick, that the “soul of our country” has been sold out to those who would dare convict a murderer.

Just go drink bleach already, you worthless greasy shitstain.
Wait. Do they back the blue, or don’t they? I am confuse.

“TakeYourRedPills” thinks he knows where the REAL problem is…

This twat is a fucking loser.
A “Proud Boy” weighs in.

This one has GOT to be a troll. Who uses language like this anymore?

Cumguzzling son of a horsefucker
“patamerrep” was apparently born in 1920.

“realQuickening” is connecting the dots.

People like this are literal AIDS.
These children will surely grow up to be well-adjusted human beings.

“Nogoosestepper” might have a racial bias:

Eat shit.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was a Baptist minister, with all the n-words he be droppin’.

Old and busted: using the US Flag as gang colors. New hotness: burning the US flag in the name of white supremacy.

Suck out my farts.
…So, wait. Why are these people calling themselves “patriots”…?

I’m certain that “The Nativist” isn’t an unhinged piece of shit.

“Nazi Jews”?

Only on Gab will people attack you for fostering friendships in your community.

Get cancer.
Something something… “Jews”? Where did this whole “Jews” thing come from…?

This one’s not racist, but it’s a bonus example of conservative “science”. At this point, I want to literally take all these people on an unmasked tour of an ICU ward full of Coronavirus patients and then refuse them treatment when their lungs explode.

Kill yourself.

Conclusion: Some people just need to go ahead and kill themselves to make the world better. These are only a few examples.

If you are a conservative shitbag, PLEASE KILL YOURSELF. Thank you.

That’s right, shitbags, there’s no comment section. This is my goddamned website, I pay for it, and I write the content. Shitbag conservative Trump-humpers can just go right back to Gab and cry in your echo chamber.