Who are we?

The tl;dr rundown of it is this: a writer and an artist team up for wacky adventures with a school bus and a bunny rabbit.

In a nutshell, we’re a couple of dorks who never grew up, and never did care much for the sanitized, suburban lifestyle that we were raised in. Settling down and spending the rest of our lives alternately pretending that we actually care about our middle-management boss’ petty ambitions and playing janitor to a 3,000 square foot McMansion was never our idea of a good time. We watched our parents do it in the 1980s, we saw how miserable that made them, and that’s not the life path we want to take.

We currently live in a “tiny home” situation, although it’s more like we’re just renting a tiny little space while we get our school bus home sorted out. We’re living in about 300 square feet, and are working to downsize to about 200 before moving into our school bus home/art studio.

*record scratch* Wait, what?

Yeah, you read that right! We’re building a school bus into an RV with a mobile art studio! Check out the bus page if you want to know more.

Dr. Teatime is an Army veteran and retired commercial artist with over 30 years of product design, technical illustration and publication experience.

Firebomb is a writer, comic book and RPG expert designing his own gaming system.

Dr. Teatime (mostly) maintains this page and plans to pack it with technical notes and tutorials.